Friday, 29 January 2010

Tee Time!

Yes they are really here, I picked up my tee shirts from the screen printer today! Actually to be more accurate, I picked up the front pieces of my tee's, I still have to cut the rest and get them sewn up! But still very exciting, they will be available really soon.

We are going to have some organic cream and grey marl.
Plus regular cotton in red, blush, blue, lemon, tan and cream. And to mix things up even more there will be mix of tee's printed in either Black, Green or Red.

Stay tuned...

Till then check out my little friend Eli sporting one of the very first tee's.


Heart Felt said...

What a beautiful model. x

Fashionable Mama said...

Hi Suzan,

This is your blog, right?!

Thank you for your comment, I am delighted I was able to spread your fab little dresses to Sweden.

I was also delighted to find your baby clothes and will certainbly buy something myself.

Here's the link to my blog post.

Tove - Fashionable Mama