Friday, 18 November 2011

Hanging out

My little guy Neko all dressed up in his very first free range baby outfit - 1 month old 

*Merino forest jumper with rust and cream leggings*

ON MATERNITY LEAVE with my free range baby

I'm currently on maternity leave with my little boy Neko Newton. Free Range Baby will be back better than ever with all new designs inspired by my little man and lots of first hand baby dressing experience... Now if only he would sleep I could sew!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


My super amazing friends at Swonderful are having a workroom sale.... If you are in or near Wellington tomorrow make sure you don't miss out on some fabulous deals.

Free Range Baby will be there with samples & limited edition pieces at great prices. If you can't make it this weekend, you will find Free Range Baby at the Craft2.0 market next weekend - for the last time before I go on market maternity leave (my very own free range baby is due this spring!).

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lil' Magoolie - Christchurch quake appeal auction

The awesome Maddie of Li'l Magoolie blog is currently running a great auction full of designer goodies for kids and parents. 100% of the profits are going directly to the Red Cross Christchurch earth quake appeal.

This week there are these free range baby goodies up for grabs. Please follow the links and check out ours, and others listings, knowing your money will be going to a fantastic cause.

Monday, 14 March 2011

See you later summer

Wellington has been putting on a great show for these first few weeks of Autumn, which has been delightful... So, while we had the doors open all weekend, there is really no denying the seasons changed when we were then having to sweep up a little pile of autumn leaves from the kitchen floor.

So long little summer dresses and bare feet, see you next year!
And here's my pick of our summer outfits... A few still left in our nz & international shops, perfect for those surprisingly warm autumn days, to mix and match with snugly warm layers in the months ahead... or simply to hoard away for next summer before they get snapped up by folks in warmer places!
oh dear, too much photoshop! But how great would it be... endless fabrics in the colours of your choosing, with the move of a mouse!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Happy New Year

Yes, mid February is a little bit late to be wishing you all Happy New Year, but I promise it's because things have been so busy down at the free range studio. This means you can expect to find lots of new goodies in our shops, starting next Monday!

Summer has been wonderful down here, but I'm super excited for winter to roll on in this year, as Free Range Baby has lots of gorgeous new coats in the works. Think toggled duffel coat cuteness and lots of vintage buttons, funky plaids, bold wools and snugly vintage brushed cotton colours.

Here is a little teaser of things to come...